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Running Into Heat and Humidty

I did a short 3 mile maintenance run last night out to the West Side Highway to make sure that my body still worked. I also wanted to make sure that I was able to stand the heat. The temperature was a real feel of about 85F during my run with 80% humidity. 

Overall, I had a FANTASTIC run. I ran hard, and ran well. I had athletic dignity and knew that I pushed myself hard. The bagel, chicken sandwich, carmel cheesecake, blondie, and goldfish I consumed throughout the day also contributed to my great run. I’ve been loading up on carbs for all 3 meals this week, and honestly do feel a difference in my energy level and ability to perform.

I also ran in my complete race day gear: tri bikini bottoms, Team in Training singlet, topped off with really sporty looking cycling/running/sporting glasses WITH the necklace attached. One thing that I found fascinating running in an outfit like this is that cars give me the right of way! There were 4 instances when I clearly had the red light, yet cars would stop, wave, and insist that I go first. Because I looked so “pro” I suspect that they didn’t want to be the one to get in the way of whatever training I was doing.